Friday, January 10, 2014

Captain's Corner - Times Square, Toledo, trade, Flint weekend

Each week during the 2013-14 season, Metro Jets’ captain Josh Beleski will give his thoughts on topics surrounding the team as it makes its way through the North American 3 Hockey League season, the 25th for the Jets as a junior franchise. 

-- On how he spent the holidays.

I spent a lot of time with the family. I also went and saw the ball drop in Times Square this year. That was crazy - way too many people there for me. I'm happy with just watching it on TV.

-- On splitting with Toledo last weekend.

The last two games actually went really good. The only problem we had was in the first game in the last minute of the game. Other than that, we played our game and really kept the pressure on them. If we keep playing like this the rest of the season, then we have a really great chance of making the playoffs.

-- On the Kenny Forton-Nate Phillips trade and getting back Kyle Shreve.

Forton is a great guy and the team definitely misses him. I know he did not want to leave this team, but for other reasons, he had no choice but to leave. Phillips is a great guy, too, and he gets along with all the guys and is definitely a big help to our defense. Having Shreve back really helps out the team. He is an incredibly skilled hockey player and we can always use a player like him on the team.

-- On this weekend's home-and-home series with Flint.

The upcoming weekend is going to be very tough, but I know the boys and I can beat Flint. We have been up and down all year, but I believe everything from here on out is going to be all uphill for us. This is the last time we play Flint this season, so we will definitely be coming out hard because we need the points and we don't want to be swept by Flint on the season.

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