Thursday, January 26, 2012

Captain's Corner - Swept in Pittsburgh, readying for Cleveland

Each week during the season, Metro Jets' captain Tommy Kilgore will chime in with his thoughts on what's going on with the team.

-- On what went wrong last weekend in Pittsburgh.
We weren't mentally ready and it was only our second bad weekend all year. We knew it would happen, we didn't know when, but it's bound to happen. You can't win every game every weekend or we wouldn't have any competition.

-- On what went right in Pittsburgh.
We did look at is as a wake up call. We had been playing good for a while and this happens, so it shows we need to just keep working hard.

-- On practice this week.
We have to have high intensity practices that we work hard in and just get all four points this weekend.

-- On preparing to play Cleveland on the road this weekend.
We know we can be as good, if not better than Cleveland, so we need to play our game and just work hard every shift and just come out hard.

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