Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Captain's Corner - Overtime, Linville, helping Kevin Kenny

Each week during the 2013-14 season, Metro Jets’ captain Josh Beleski will give his thoughts on topics surrounding the team as it makes its way through the North American 3 Hockey League season, the 25th for the Jets as a junior franchise. 

-- On going 1-1 in overtime games last weekend at home against Pittsburgh.

I think we had a really good weekend. We had our moments when we could have played a little stronger, but we bounced back and made up for our mistakes instead of getting down on ourselves. It sucked that we lost in overtime (on Sunday), but it happens. We came away with three out of four points, so I think everyone is happy with our results this past weekend.

-- On positives from the weekend.

There were a ton of positives in the past two games, but the most important thing is that we played hard all game and when we were down a goal, we just kept fighting and that's something we haven't done in a long time. From here on out, if we continue to play like we did, then we will be just fine.

-- On the signing of new forward Lucas Linville.

Linville is a great guy. He fits right in with the team, so that helps a lot. I think he brings a great vibe into the locker room – he is always smiling and joking around. What impressed me the most were his on-ice skills. I won't lie – he is pretty unreal. He does all the right things when he is on the ice and I think he will be a big help in making the playoffs this season.
-- On the Jets donating all gate proceeds last weekend to injured Pittsburgh forward Kevin Kenny.

I think it's great that we gave all our gate proceeds to the Kenny family. Even though we are all out there beating each other up and talking crap to each other, in the end, we are all one big family. That's the thing I love about hockey. Even though we may not know the person or play on their team, we all have one thing in common and that is we love to play the game of hockey and when someone is taken away from the sport, in a way, it affects us all because hockey is more than just a game – it's a way of life. My prayers go out to the Kenny family and I wish Kevin the best of luck.

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