Monday, March 12, 2012

Captain's Corner - Cleveland, Cleveland and more Cleveland

Each week during the season, Metro Jets' captain Tommy Kilgore will chime in with his thoughts on what's going on with the team.

-- On splitting with Cleveland at home last weekend.
We realized that we can't sit back and wait against Cleveland. They are a good team and we realized we need to play our game and the way (Metro coach) Jason (Cirone) showed us to play.

-- On what was said by Cirone after Saturday night's 6-1 loss.
He said that we have to forget about it and that tomorrow is a new day, but next weekend, we may not have that chance, so there is no room for mistakes.

-- On winning Sunday and knowing the Jets can beat Cleveland, their first-round playoff opponent this weekend.
It feels good and we just need to keep playing how we did in the third period Sunday.

-- On what to expect this weekend.
We expect them to come out hard right out of the gate and we plan to match or exceed their effort so we can keep our season going.

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