Tuesday, October 19, 2010

View From The Bench with Andy Grossman

The Jets started of with a very slow first period on Saturday night. Looked like they all came to watch hockey instead of play it.

Coach Cirone, with some help from his assistants, worked to wake the boys up. I was thinking to myself that this is going to be ugly tonight. They got out of the first period still 0-0, but the bench was very quiet as they walked to the locker room.

When the pucked dropped to start the second period, things started to look a little bit better when Moroso scored a quick one. About a minute later the Jets got knocked right back down when Battle Creek answered. This time, the bench seemed to be waking up finally. The guys started talking, there were a few good shifts, and then Burns got a power-play goal then followed it up shortly after with another.

That buzz came back on the bench, everyone was cheering and yelling. The whole bench was revved up. Joe Matyaszek (pictured) really got everyone pumped on the bench with his big hits and non-stop play. Joe would hit the ice and the whole bench would yell, "Yeah, Joe!" I was waiting for them to start chanting.

Battle Creek decided that all they wanted to do was be dirty and try to fight Metro, but Metro stayed very disciplined and for the most part, stayed out of Battle Creek's garbage and played their game. It showed on the scoreboard. The Jets finished strong with the two short-handed goals by Grech and Moroso.

Hopefully, they can keep that momentum into this weekend and keep this win streak alive!

Photo by Andy Grossman/Detailed Images

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