Tuesday, October 12, 2010

View From The Bench with Andy Grossman

Thoughts from Jets' photographer Andy Grossman ...

The overall team attitude (last weekend) seemed to be very positive. Everyone was talking to each other and just seemed to be having fun playing hockey. As always, I try to help by showing the guys a photo of them doing something great. I don't know names yet.

I was very impressed with one of the new guys, #12 (Travis Hargett). After he kinda got worked in his fight (pictured above), he could care less about his tooth being broken and his lip needing a few stitches. All he wanted to know was how he can improve and not get beat again. After cooling down for five minutes, he put his helmet on and went right back on the ice. He didn't care what his face looked like; he had a job to do and wanted to get back out and do it!

The overall morale on the bench going into OT on Saturday was great. You could feel it right off the drop that the Jets were going to pull it off. Everyone went nuts when (Brett) Grech made an incredible move and put the puck between the pipes!

Sunday's bench had an even more relaxed feel until the third period. The boys found themselves a bit too relaxed and looking like they were going to be going into OT again. (Head coach Jason) Cirone made a last-minute line change moving Grech back to 'D' and created the opening for (Cameron) Bazin to put in the game-winner!

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