Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Captain's Corner - Road trip, practice this week, new defenseman

Each week during the season, Metro Jets' captain Tommy Kilgore will chime in with his thoughts on what's going on with the team.

-- On beating Toledo and then losing to Flint last weekend.
We hung in there for the win Saturday and knew we had to be better Sunday. (Assistant) coach Dave (Hague) and (head coach) Jason (Cirone) pushed us to be better and we were. They just came out on top. We knew that we weren't only going to lose one game this year and Flint is a good team, so it wasn't a bad loss.

-- On preparing to play Pittsburgh on the road this weekend.
We need to practice well this week, which was a struggle for us last week, but we need to beat teams that are lower than us in our division and keep them below us - that's our goal.

-- On newly-signed defenseman Scott Hall, not to be confused with the former WWE star.
Scott is a big-body defenseman and he has good vision on the ice. I don't think anyone has noticed that they have the same name, but he will now. Thanks for bringing that up.

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