Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Captain's Corner - Last weekend, St. Louis, Kevin Lander

Each week, Metro Jets captain Morgan James will chime in on the current situation of the team and discuss what’s on his mind.

-- On the loss to Toledo last Saturday night at home.
Any loss is dissapointing. Right now, we need every game to be a win. We battled hard against Toledo and finished weak. (Head) coach (Jason Cirone) was not happy.

-- On rebounding with a win Sunday at Battle Creek.
Beating Battle Creek made everyone feel a bit better about the weekend, but then again, Battle Creek is in last place and we better beat them good every time.

-- On seeing Matt Braun get the shutout in Battle Creek.
Braun is great person and a great goalie. I love having him and (Eric) Trunick in net. I'd say they're both No. 1 goalies.

-- On practice this week preparing to play St. Louis on the road this weekend.
We need to practice hard and focus hard. That's all we can do.

--On new defenseman Kevin Lander.
Lander is a hard-nosed player with skill to go along with it. He fits in just great.

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