Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Captain's Corner - Chicago, changes to team, leadership

Each week, Metro Jets captain Morgan James will chime in on the current situation of the team and discuss what’s on his mind.

-- On having no games for almost two weeks off and the team being physically and mentally ready for Chicago this weekend.

I can tell you we are physically ready. We've worked our tails off the last two weeks prepping for these games. The mental part, which we have, is what it’s going to take to pull it off. We just need to make sure everyone brings it to Chicago.

-- On head coach Jason Cirone making changes to the makeup of the team.

Coach is determined to make us a winning team and will do whatever it takes. He’ll make changes until he accomplishes that and I know whatever he does is in the team’s best interest.

-- On his leadership style and if he is more than just a big guy who can throw punches to get his point across.

I lead by example by playing my role proudly for my team and most importantly, with hard work.

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