Monday, November 1, 2010

View From The Bench with Andy Grossman

The Jets came out looking to start a new win streak, but were beat by the Jets instead - simple as that.

The bench was focused on the game plan in the first period and started the second trying to swing some momentum with a good scrap from Joe (Matyaszek). Chicago played a very chippy game and seemed to have the officiating on their side. Metro fell into the trap Chicago set and strayed away from their game plan and it resulted in a total collapse of the team and the loss.

I would like to reiterate on the officiating having a huge part in the demise of Metro on Saturday. I have a feeling there is going to be a completely different Metro Jets team on Sunday.

Sunday, the Jets looked like a whole different team from Saturday!

The boys were moving the puck, hitting, and just playing good hard hockey for two periods. In third period, they started to fall into Chicago's trap after a few questionable plays by Chicago that left the Jets bench a little bitter. The bench started to get a little upset with the officials after the referee missed a very obvious elbow to the head of Shipaila, which left him bloody and a bit dazed.

Metro started to want revenge a bit more than the 'W.' The weekend finally blew up all at once with a full line scrum that lasted a good five minutes. The Jets, lucky for Chicago, had a more finesse line on the ice during the incident, but they held their own. Denston did a great job of listening to Coach and protecting some of the younger players.

I still can't believe after all the commotion, the referees had no idea what to do and literally did not record any of the penalties until after the game because they said they didn't have time and needed to get the game moving. The Jets couldn't bounce back and couldn't get any momentum the rest of the game due to penalty trouble and a nearly empty bench because of injuries and game ejections.

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